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Each new spiritual year brings a new set of challenges for all those involved in Metanoia Braila. All these challenges remind us of how much we depend on the Head of the Church, the One who fullfills everything in all of us, Jesus Christ.


After spending many weeks in prayer, fasting and deep study of the Word, using the words of the apostles in Acts chapter 5, God reminded us that "we must obey God rather than men".


This is why for this new spiritual year, we will strive to point our church's life and ministry vertically, being convinced of the fact that God is both the cause and the purpose for our life and ministry. In a world where churches are mostly preocupied to be relevant, we will have decided that we will seek transcendence, experiencing this way God's real presence and transforming power.


Should this also be your desire, come and join us in making Christ the supreme joy of our hearts, and then in going and testifying Him to others. If you cannot be with us here in Braila, do take advantage of this website and all of its resources to help you on your walk with Christ.


Also, come meet us in person anytime you want. You will always be welcome!



You've been blessed to be a blessing!






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Morning 930 - 1130
Evening 1700 - 1830
Children's meeting 1700
Prayer meeting 1800
Youth meeting 1700




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